Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quiet Time

Not much news today. We are having another boy, and although that is news, it's news you have heard before. lol.
When we found out Wyatt is getting a brother, Caleb preceded to pick Wyatt up and dance around the room chanting, "It's a booooy, it's a booooy!". Thankfully the ultrasound tech just ignored him and continued working and poking my belly.
I am told the baby is about 10 inches or so long. That did not come from my doctor, it is just the average length of babies at this stage. The awesome part of this all is, I just realized that we are half way through the pregnancy. That definitely brightened my day.
We are still looking for someplace to live. We thought we had an awesome deal going, but the landlady tricked us. She was just stringing us along as a "just in case". Even though she was telling us we were going to rent from her.
Our back up plan was to rent some really really nice apartments near Caleb's job. We were going to move in to them after my Dad died. They had a great deal at the time, but we opted out in order to come and stay with my Mom for a while. Now those apartments are way too expensive for us so we are back to square one. Very depressing.
I guess that is why I am sort of ho-hum today. When we should be packing to move, we are instead starting all over. I really don't want to have this next baby and still be living with my Mom. That is just not normal. Nor is it the way I thought I would raise my family. ahhh life, you sure do know how to throw some awesome curve balls.

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HG said...

YEAH!! Two boys - that is a very nice family indeed.

So happy for you, congratulations.