Monday, November 29, 2010


maybe this is more of a check in. Not feeling real inspired at the moment, but I wanted to at least sign in to my site. I wish I could figure out how this new blogger template thingy. It wont let me use any of the cute backgrounds I have found. Lame.

Anyway. Lots of updating.
Thanksgiving was really nice. Probably one of the nicer Thanksgiving we have had. Lots of food, pies, random desserts. Caleb smoked a whole 20 pound turkey, making the grand total of turkeys at my moms house three, all over 20 pounds. Anyway, his turkey was sooooo good. Definitely the talk of the day. Not too much smoke (no bonfires), but just enough. So tender if was falling off the bone. Perfect. He has been ordered to make one every year.
(The wind is messing with my Internet connection. So this is going to be short, maybe even shorter than I am, you know, but not as stout. lol)
Lots of Christmas parties coming up. We have a ladies tea party. Which is awesome because I have had a very special tea cup for like five years and I finally get to use it. Next is our caregroups Christmas party. Then the youth groups Christmas party. Then a trip to Fresno. Then Caleb's birthday, then Youth winter retreat, then Valentine's day, and the grand finale.....wait for it.....the birth of our son in march, but I am seriously hoping for like February 28. That would be awesome. Not that that date means anything to me, It is just the soonest I could safely deliver.
So yeah, we got lots of stuff to do, and in the middle of all that we are still working on the housing situation, so hopefully somewhere in there we will be moving also. CRAZY TIMES

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Uncle Andrew said...

Oh man.. the "wind" parenthetical made me LOL for real! Haven't checked your blog in a while.. good stuff!