Monday, November 8, 2010


I need a home!
We have been trying and trying to find a place to live for a while now, but every deal we find falls flat. This is all getting very discouraging. We don't have a very big budget and of course we could always move in to some small apartments, we are moving to apartments. It's the location that is the problem. I feel like we need to live in a certain area. Other places I look at just don't feel right. The big problem is, the area where I am looking doesn't have very many vacancies. I dint know. I just want this part of life to be fixed so I can being rebuilding a comfortable and safe home for my children.

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HG said...

Awwwww Sarrah, this just breaks my heart! Want my house?

Actually, I know of a really nice house for rent. Totally remodeled, all repairs made, fresh paint, brand new blinds on all the windows. On 3 acres of land - perfect for little boys to play & explore in. It's in the beeeutiful town of Yucaipa. (I'm pretty positive that's not the area you feel you need to live in.)

Oh well - that's all I have to offer. Hang in there my friend, God sees the desires of your heart & he will help you rebuild a comfortable & safe home for your children.

I love you & miss you & think of you often.

Hugs to you!!