Friday, November 5, 2010

She's havin my baby

I heard that song for the first time when I was a wee lass. Every now and then it gets stuck in my head. Too bad I don't know all the words. I guess I could google it, but that would take effort.
Today has been a busy day. Got to/Get to? host a baby shower in a couple of hours. Funny how the best ideas come at the last minute. Hope it all goes well, if not I know there will be at least five other women there that know how to liven up a party.
Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.
My son, my eldest son is a pesty boy. He has got the attitude of a teenager and he is only one. He is not afraid to fight for what he wants. In fact, he is probably the only kid in the nursery that fights for random toys or snacks. Now, A strong will and a determined mind are not a bad traits to have, but when you are a one year old and you attack (meaning run after her and pinch her elbow because that is as high as you can reach) your five year cousin because she carefully helped you down the stairs, well that my dear is a problem. Yes, we all know you wanted to do it yourself, but you are one and the stairs are taller than your legs.
So, parenting. How do you keep these traits that are wonderful in an adult male, but mind numbing in a child. Balance! Balance is the key. Spank a little, beat a little and your son will grow up wise and strong.j/k. I don't know. I know how I want Wyatt to "turn out" so I am doing what I can to help him end up that way. Does that sound dumb? you know like pottery. I want a cup so I am using the tools I have to create a cup. But it's my first time making a cup, so I just hope my cup doesn't end up being that one no one likes. You know the one that stays in the back of the cupboard collecting dust until you are all out and it is the very last drinking vessel in the whole house. Anyway, I would hate to kill Wyatt's personality just to make my days easier. I want him to go up to be a strong man. Life is not getting any easier for Christians and his strong personality will come in handy one day. It's just a matter of helping him understand when it is OK to say no and when it is not.
I think some people think I am crazy because I talk to Wyatt like he has a full understanding of the English language. I don't feel he has strong reasoning skills yet, but I do think that one day he will understand all of what I am saying and that day will come sooner if he is exposed to an adult vocabulary (I know lots of words!) rather then only hearing the words "yes" and "no". So, don't be surprised if you ever hear me giving Wyatt a full reason as to why he can not stick his spoon in the dog water and then lick it, rather then just telling him no. I am just desperate parent hoping, #1 that my son doesn't ingest ecoli and #2 that one day the words will click and he will understand.
Balance = Parenting

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