Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life as we know it...

is always changing.
So, in one of my previous postings I had stated that we had a routine Dr.s appointment and that there would really be no news to tell. Well it turned out there was news. Some very jolting news. But Caleb and I decided to keep it between us until we could pray about it. We needed to pray about it because we were told there might maybe possibly be something genetically wrong with the baby, but because it was such a BIG maybe we wanted to wait until we knew a little more.
So here's the story (don't tell Caleb I am telling you, I didn't ask his permission)
So, yeah. At our last appointment the Dr went over my last ultrasound. During her explanation she told us they had found a Choroid plexus cysts on the left side of the babies brain. Of course I went into shock mode. I didn't know what that meant, and I was super worried. The Dr went on to say that more than likely it was nothing and would resolve on it's own BUT those types of cysts can also be a soft marker indicating a genetic disorder. (man, just typing this is stressing me out) So here we are Caleb and Sarrah, happy as can be that we are a baby making factory only to find out our newest one might need extra special care. What a load to carry! But we made the decision not to get all worked up and go tell it on the mountain. So we prayed and prayed and hoped for the best.
(This next part Caleb doesn't even know. )
Isn't it strange how you can know something in your head but not in your heart? Because Caleb and I decided not to freak out I knew in my head that God was going to take care of this situation, but I honestly still had worries in my heart. This is my baby we are talking about, how could I not worry. So one Sunday night we were praying as the choir sung/sang?. The words they were singing were "I got a feeling that everything is going to be alright", and I watched as people stood to their feet and began rejoicing and agreeing with the words. It was then that I told God, I want that feeling. I want to FEEL that everything is going to be alright. I believe it, but I need to know it in my heart. Right after that short prayer Caleb reached for my hand. We stood together in our pew hand in hand and began once again to pray for the health of our son. Next Caleb placed his hand on my every growing belly and called out to God for his healing. Tears came streaming down my face as I asked God again for confirmation that everything is going to be alright. After a few minutes God spoke to my spirit and said, "I gave you this gift, and I make all things good. Now praise me for your baby", and I did. With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart, I thanked God for our son and I apologized for assuming that this child was any less of a miracle than Wyatt was. I had let my self forget that I prayed for a sibling for Wyatt's sake and that the Lord had given him to us.
So today was our follow up ultra sound and as you would guess the cyst was nowhere to be found! In fact, I was told this child is a little above average in his growth. So that is a very good sign. What a blessing! I'm thankful for the valleys (hard as they may be), because without the valleys we would never experience the mountain tops.

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Jana McVay said...

What a wonderful and amazing God we serve!!!! So happy to hear this report of His miracle working power!! He IS able to see us through EVERY situation!!

Saying a prayer of thanksgiving and for an easy delivery of this Miracle baby!!!

God bless the Dillons!!