Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cha cha cha changes

Wow two posts in one week. I must be stocking up for a major hiatus.
The above picture has two stories that go along with it. First, if you look to the left of the photo you can see there is a radio under the entry table. Wyatt loves to play THE SAME veggie tales cd all day long. The problem is he thinks he should be able to turn it off and on by himself. Well, he can't, because the mama says so. So today he got a "big spank" for touching the radio. The spank hurt his feelings more than his bottom and I am 100% sure he is laying at the door waiting for his daddy because he is upset with his mama. (he as told on me to a picture of Caleb before)
The second part of the photo is, at some point in the day Wyatt decided that the door mat was is official bed. This afternoon I told him to go to bed and lay down. He promptly got his blanket and put himself down on the door mat. Such a weirdo.
Anyway, I have all this time to post because Wyatt is not here. He is spending the night with one of his favorite cousins. It's always a little strange when he is gone. The house is so quiet and it usually takes me about an hour or so before I can really relax and enjoy the down time. Tonight caleb and I went to Starbucks (I got to drink my beverage w/o sharing!) drove around a little, and next we are going to finish the boys room. Tomorrow it will be back to Mommy-hood plus one (I'm watching riley overnight).

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