Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's try this again

As you can see Wyatt has grown a beard since the last time I was able to update. Also, for those that have been paying attention to the forth name in the blog description, Zane is once again on the list. It really never left. I have just been trying my best to get Caleb to change his mind, but being the Dillon that he is we all know that is next to impossible. So begrudgingly (Caleb, I hope you read this) I am going to call my second son Zane. Keep in mind Zane is just the middle name. We still have not settled on his first name. I think Caleb is liking Jonathan at the moment.
Now some may say, why let Caleb name the baby? I mean after all I am the one carrying this child, waking up in the middle of the night with back/hip pain, gaining all this extra weight. Shouldn't I have the ultimate power to veto any name I don't like 100%? To that I say, YES. And honestly I do have to ultimate power. I am the one filling out the paperwork. But for whatever reason, as mean as I am to Caleb (so my family says) I have this overwhelming need to see him happy. Really, we all know I can throw down some good temper tantrums and I usually get my way, but really that is only on the petty stuff. When it comes to things I know are important to Caleb I usually give in. So, Zane it is. Weird name, but it makes the daddy happy.
So how have things been you ask? They are as good as can be expected. I am nine months pregnant, I have a 16 month old son, and we just moved. That means I am going nuts trying to get the house together while battling a curious little boy who loves to "help" and running out of breath every time I bend to pick up yet another tiny article of clothing. Thankfully it will all be over soon. And once again life as we know it will drastically change.


HG said...

I like it.

Thanks for the update!

Lozano Family said...

You know, I have always been on the Zane side of the name game. I like it. It is different - however if you look at my family, well, we all have 'different' names.

sar d said...

Lol. Right. Let's just see how many times he is called zan.

Sandi Dillon said...

That header pic looks like Cuz Rodney!!

Cute pics. Thanks for the update. We look forward to 'em.