Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i need your opinion

Ok, we have a BQ tournament coming up in exactly two weeks. It is in Sacramento and we are driving. Phillip drives really slow so it will probably take us like 8 hours to get there. Here's the problem. What to do with Wyatt? I can beg someone to tale him, but it would be for up to four nights (in kinda uncomfortable leaving him anywhere that long) if I pick him up from church OR three nights if I pick him up @ one or so in the morning. OR we could try to take him with us. The challenge there is it is an 8 hour trip, and they are not planning on stopping anywhere. So I would have Zane and Wyatt in the car, not sure how well either one would do. So what would you do?


Jana McVay said...

Is it possible for someone to come along with you just to help with your babies? That is what I would do. That way someone can meet Wyatt's needs while you take care of Zane AND you wouldn't be separated from him for all that time.

For the length of the drive, I would have doses of Benadryl at hand...JK!!!


Three's Company said...

lol, we have quizzers! I'm not sure about how many extra seats we will have, but that is def a good idea and something that never even crossed my mind. The benadryl however has crossed my mind numerous times. lol

Anonymous said...

Or what if you just dropped Wyatt off w/ Gram n Gramps in Fresno?

Nancy said...

I was just going to suggest asking Grammar in Fresno! Anonymous beat me to it...It's on the way and I bet they'd LOVE the opportunity! Ask them!!

Anonymous said...

Ask Leaya how she did it with 4 kids. Every youth function (including PEAK!), BQ tournament, even her job! Having kids never slowed her down or stopped her from participating in everything. I'm sure she has some pointers for you.

Sandi Dillon said...

Grammar votes for the stop in Fresno!!!!!

But a nanny for the trip is an excellent idea!