Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm just sayin'

I am pretty sure not all women are created equal. Some are awesome stay at home moms who love what they do, and others (myself) are workers who have a hard time with the isolation and lack of gratification that comes with staying at home.
I know being able to stay home is a privilege, and maybe it's because I have never known any different that I have to audacity to complain, but honestly folks, this gets to be kinda boring after two years. Especially when you know you have at least five more to go.
I think I am just not made to stay home. I LOVE working. I like to come home tired from a hard days labor. I like the gratification of building things with my hands and stepping back to look at my handy work. I'm a Mexican for crying out loud LOL. So I am saying all this because I am totally frustrated today. I am bored, it's raining, and Wyatt is beginning his terrible twos a few months early.
I wish a I was a "Susie homemaker", but I find not joy in housework or baking pies for all the neighbors. I do however love my children and I am not wild about the idea of someone else raising them. So because I am stuck in the middle of wanting to raise my children right, and wanting my Independence back I am sitting here in my living room complaining to the world wide web.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a hobby?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not so much "the terrible twos" as it's all the Big changes in Wyatt's life all at once. He needs lots of extra attention & reassurance right now. He doesn't have the capacity to understand all these changes, he just knows his little known world turned upside down in a short time. It's always hard on a little one when a new one comes along & usurps their place & parents, even without the two moves he's made. Little ones also feel a parents tension & frustation, & act accordingly. Try to give him time & understanding. Also, give yourself time, you're still in the postpartum stage, & things always look gloomier & harder then. If you really stop & think about it, working out isn't so much fun either, now is it, really? Been there & done all of this :-)

HG said...

Sarrah ~
I can SO relate to your musings. After going to college for 7 years, obtaining my degrees, and building my career for 12 years, I walked away from it all to be a SAHM. I did it for 7 years, and my boys don't even remember those years. BUT I seriously believe that they turned out better because they were home with mom for the first 5 & 7 years of their life! So - as tough as it is, there is NO question you are doing the right thing!

I have lots of encouragement & suggestions for this challenging time, but I'll save all that for a phone call. My #1 suggestion is: Get Out Of The House. Seriously. I was a SAHM who was rarely at home.

In the beginning I didn't have a car, so I loaded up the stroller and walked to the park, the grocery store, the post office, my friend's house, anywhere my legs could take me. And sometimes I even got up early to drop the hubs off at work so I could have wheels for the day.

THEN... when we got a second car - I joined the Mom's Club, MOPS, arranged play dates at Carls Jr., signed up for classes through the city (art, tumbling, etc.), went to ALL the story hours at the libraries and the bookstores, and of course the parks. We had an activity for every day. All scheduled around the blessed heavenly nap time.

In other words - stay busy, keep your little ones busy, and live life to the fullest. It makes them better people, and helps you keep your sanity! If you were a teacher, you'd have a plan for every day. Well - now you're "homeschooling" your pre-schooler. So, make a lesson plan & go for it. A schedule or routine makes the babes feel secure, and gives you a plan.

Oh - and make sure you schedule some Mommy-Free time in your plan too. But, I'll save that for our phone convo.

I love you! You are doing THE MOST important job in the world!!

Instead of a paycheck, you get two handsome, secure, polite, obedient, smart little boys who love God. That is way better than ANYTHING a job can offer!!!

This is only a season of your life. Make the most of it, treasure it, enjoy it. All too soon it will pass.

Hugs Galore,
HG (Auntie Extraordinaire!)