Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Nuts

Why am I thinking about the time line for our next child? (I'M DONE!) is itbecause Caleb is so insistant that we are going to have a third? because I think I would feel bad if I didn't "try" once more for a girl(caleb really really wants a mini me (me as in me, not me as in him))? OR simply because I am retarded? I think the third option fits best.
Seriously folks, I am so nuts. I honestly feel so great about having my two boys. We fit nicely in this house, they are going to grow up as good buddies, and so far we can afford them. BUT, I think that fact that I know I am eventually going to give in to Caleb's dream and try for another child makes me think, "we might as well get it all over with sooner rather than later". Maybe it's just hormones, but in my down time I have been trying to figure out how we are going to fit another child in this tiny house. It sounds so ridiculous, even typing this is making my head spin(pretty sure it's hormones). I def still remember how horrible I felt while I was prego with Zane and don't even get me started about L&D. Maybe I am hoping the third times a charm, and I will suddenly become super woman and be able to take care of TWO small children while prego. Not to mention a newborn and two children under the age of 5. Yup this plan is crazy. In fact I am glad I started this post cause I am def talking myself out of the whole thing the longer I type. Glad we had this talk Internet. You sure are a good listener and a better friend. LOL.

Is this what my future will look like????

Only if Caleb wants me to look like this in the future. LOL

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