Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lord hath heard my cry

It never fails, whenever I have had a rough day (like yesterday) Justine always calls and asks to take Wyatt somewhere, or she drops by. Seriously, its kinda freaky. I have even asked Caleb if he has called her to tell her to help out and he says no, but I am still suspicious (maybe she read my blog?). So needless to say, yesterday afternoon Justine sent me a text that she wanted to take Wyatt to Disneyland today. So he spent the night with her last night and I believe will be home sometime this evening. Now if you have ever seen Wyatt with Justine you know it is an awesome treat for him to stay with her. You don't have to convince him to hang out with one of his favorite cousins. As soon as she walks in the door he is ready to grab the keys and wave good bye, and that is just what he did. The funny part about last night was that Caleb was instantly sad as soon as Wyatt left. At one point Caleb even thought I was Wyatt and was going to scold me for messing with the dishwasher lol. Even I must at admit that after a full nights rest (Zane was awesome, slept almost all night and even slept late into the morning) I miss my little guy. Of my two sons, he is my favorite (is that bad to say?) but of course that is probably because really Zane has no real personality right now, he just kinda eats and sleeps. Which might I say he does very well.
So yeah, I think the Lord just had enough of my blubbering and gave me the day off.
As for someones suggestion that I get a hobby. Unfortunately, I am way too cheap for a hobby. I love to do all kinds of crafty things, I just dont like to buy the stuff because I am always worried about money or I think of all the other, more useful, things I could buy. I am just stuck in a rut and will figure something out eventually. As fo now, it is a nice day outside, we are getting better Internet, Wyatt will soon be having the time of his life at Disneyland and Zane is chillin' in the swing. I'm good with this scenario.

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