Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness!

Today is the first day of March, and although the "madness" started in February I have this sneeky feeling it can only get more extreme from here.

What is March Madness? Well it has nothing to do with sports, but it does have a whole lot to do with endurance.
This is what my week has been like so far: Caleb left on a Bible quiz trip this past weekend. He left not feeling so well and came back feeling worse. So bad in fact, that he actually went to urgent care and has been prescribed to take a couple of days off work. Which he did !(this guy NEVER takes off work). So today is his second day off work. Although he tried to pull a fast on one me and go, thankfully he still felt horrible enough to stay home.
Now, while Caleb was gone for the weekend, smarty McGee over here thought it would be fun to watch Wyatt and Riley (who is 2). While both kids are not bratty by any means. I am way too pregnant to keep up with two toddlers, so by the end of the day on Sat. I was totally wiped out and fully convinced that two children is probably the max that I really want and can handle.
So back to the sickness. Caleb's Dr. told him that this flu will probably hold on for about another week. SAY WHAT!?! I'm due in 10 days. Are you kidding? who times these things? Caleb asked the Dr. about the whole delivery/ sickness thing, and he said there is the possibly Caleb will not be allowed in the room. It really depends on when I have the baby. At best he might just have to wear a mask and gloves at all times. ahh ok, so who cuts the cord than? Justine!
Now lets have a little Mama talk. I am a mothering type person by nature. I like to Mother people, I feel bad for everyone and I worry about everything. And that's people I don't know. So when it comes to my husband and children lets just say I have gotten a ton more gray hairs this year than ever in my life. I am here freaking out that Wyatt is going to catch this flu next. He woke up this morning messing with his ears and I just want to cry. Caleb is sick, Wyatt might get sick. What about the baby? is he going to get sick too? ahhh so much stress. These are the last two weeks of my pregnancy and they should be relaxing and full of day dreamyness. Instead I am in charge of a hospital ward. What to do? Lots and lots of praying.
So to continue on with my week: did I mention my family is throwing a big party for my mom 70th birthday on sat. ? yeah like 90 people are invited and I am in charge of making the cake.
You see where the endurance part of this comes into play.
LOL what doesn't kill you will hopefully at least send you into labor.

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Heather said...

Hopefully it will all get better soon! Remember if you ever need a break we don't mind watching Wyatt for a few hours. Or even if you guys just all wanna hang out. We can take the munchkins to the park or something. Let us know if there is anything we can do.