Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When I fall in Love...

it will be completely. We had that song played at our wedding, and yesterday that song came to mind a in a big way when I fell in love with Zane. I didn't realize it hadn't happened until it did happen yesterday. It was so weird to think all this time I have been taking care of him, but without that true mother's love. Im not sure how it happened, but I woke up and looked at him and he was cuter, I couldn't get enough of him, I just wanted to hold him all day. Thankfully I am an obsessive study, so I had previously read that it is very common to not have the whole "love at first sight" experience with your children. Weather it is due to stress, hormones, or a one year old taking up all of your attention, love doesn't always happen immediately. So maybe this means I am finally getting back to my old self or that I actually got a few hours of rest. :) Either way, today is a totally different day, now that my heart has made room for one more handsome guy in my life.

Did anyone else have the same type of experience?

Wyatt news: This boy is growing like a weed! All of our safe places are quickly disappearing. He can reach one more level of shelving in the kitchen cabinet and all of the drawers and now fair game. He is starting to talk a lot more. Just simple sentences like, I want one. He loves to dance and sing. To me there is nothing sweeter than hearing him walking around the house singing a song in his own "Wyatt language". Yup, my littlest is growing up.

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