Monday, April 11, 2011

Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola

OMGOODNESS, so I was going to get on here and talk about our CRAZY weekend. You know the fact that we drove almost 1000 (yes three zeros) miles with our kids, the fact that our rental car place tried to rip us off, and the fact that we literally almost died yesterday cause some drunk man tried to run me off the road (for real, I had to pray in the name of Jesus) Thank God Caleb was beside me and was able to keep the guy off a little, cause seriously the man was out to get us for no reason. Scariest time in my whole 28 years of living.
BUT I'm not going to talk about all that right now, cause something way better has come up. It makes me giggle like a school girl inside (ok that is a strange exaggeration, but it makes me laugh).

Years ago I wrote this post, , and to my surprise it still gets commented on. and that is what is making me laugh. Today I added the following comment by a woman? named Lola:

Only an ignorant white person would make such a racist and stupid comment like that..... Why would it have to be mexicans??? Just like a white person to put down a mexican....its not our fault you feel so threaten by us....

LOL really Lola? ahhh, so I'm threatened by myself, cause I am Mexican. And apparently I hate myself and shouldn't make jokes about my cousins possibly building the orange show stadium (cause you know all Mexicans are related and we work for tortillas so everyone hires us for the hard labor (ok that was a bit far but come on), Lola you are probably my aunt).

The sad part is Lola is actually the racist. She judged me by my pictures, which happen to be of a white man and two adorable white children and decided that I was white. Which spurred her angry rant. I mean, What? a Mexican woman can't possibly have two cute pasty babies Lola? Do all Mexican babies have to be chubby brown little guys with black hair and dark eyes? Sorry that I don't fit the norm. and that I have a sense of humor about life. Thinkin' Lola needs to get off of her M.E.CH.A. wagon and finally assimilate with the western culture, cause you are in Norteamerica honey.


Heather said...

Hahaha I love you Sarrah!!! The way you look at things is hilarious. Hey you're right about the whole having white children though, look at Joe, dark Mexican with an EXTREMELY white daughter. lol Sometimes that's just the way it is. I love our little "Crackers." lol

Bekki said...

Love this!

Lozano Family said...

This is so funny. And you are right.
So many people are quick to point the finger and shout racist. Please. I think that it's those people who have the biggest problem. The rest of us are just going on about life with our different color skin, and we care more about who you are than your pigment.
I have had someone ask me once whose kids I was babysitting - when I had my own! Someone also asked Baltie why he would marry a white girl because white girls want everything and some such nonsense.
By the way - I love my whiteback kids!