Monday, April 4, 2011


ok. takin' a little breather from the kids (kinda). This is going to be a "mind clearing" session. I'm am just going drain my brain and hope it clears some stuff up. ok. We (the Dillons) are seriously nuts. I am pretty sure we can be certified now, I mean who else would choose to take there small children on a 8+ hour drive to a Bible Quiz Tourny. Have you ever been to a BQT ? It is quiet in EVERY room. Where am I supposed to put a 1 yr old child that has been on the road most of the day. Have you ever seen a small child after a long road trip? talk about whacked. Wyatt is going to be completely insane!!! and speaking of insane, Zane (you like that sugue huh) is going to be a whole nother obstacle (is nother a real word?) How am I supposed to feed him while possibly riding the a van full of adolescents, most of which are of the male kind. Then you have the whole diaper changing issue, spitting up and just all around being a baby. Our poor quizzers are going to have to worst memories of my children after this trip. I wouldn't not be hurt or surprised if they never talk to me or my kids again. Would you want to befriend a screaming kid, I wouldn't. I would wonder why the mother is not making that thing be quiet. Yeah so, ahhh so much stuff. Now lets talk about my house. At some point last week a tornado came through colton and tore up all our stuff. I didn't see it coming at all, It's like I walked in the door one day and there was destruction everywhere!!! can we get Obama to declare a state of emergency on Oak Glen Ln.? (can you get Obama to do anything worthwhile? probably not.) He would probably declare a thumb war though, just cause it might be fun. Also Wyatt will not take a nap today...this is really bugging me. I have walked him back to his room about 6 times and I am fixing to get up to do it again. I feel bad for spanking him over a nap, but he is so stubborn and sneaky. Right now is has slowly opened his door, he peeks his head out to see if I will scold him, if he feels the coast is clear he will wonder off and find something very quiet to do. That shouldn't be a problem, but he only stays quiet for so long and then turns into a tired screaming toddler in need of a nap, which is why he usually doesn't make it passed the door, and instead is sent back to his bed. this is a lot of blabber isn't it? it's not really helping like is should either....hmmmm. I'm just gonna stop and try to find another way to relax.

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HG said...

I think you've forgotten that *some* of the BQers have been on MANY BQ trips with small children screaming all the way. (trystanrileybooker)

And, they still come back to be on the BQ team again. I know of a certain BQ boy who is counting down the hours until the BQ trip this weekend. They will survive - don't worry about it. Put the BQers to work entertaining your children.

Maybe if your babies scream loud enough, the BQers will decide to put off having children for a very very long time - and that's probably a good thing. See - you're doing them a FAVOR!!!

Thanks for chaperoning! I am so grateful.