Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A place to call home

So grateful my boys finally have their church. As long as the Bookers have been in Rialto we have always known that one day we would need a new sanctuary. Although this is not the final phase of the building, it is the new building and the place where my boys will grow up. It felt good to know we could put our roots down in this place, no more transitioning, and just dig in and grow. I allowed my ever colorful imagination to wander a bit on Sunday and got a little teary eyed thinking about the day my boys will be in the alter seeking after God, running around the church to help take care of this or that. I guess it's a big deal to me because thus far in my marriage we have not had a permanent place of residence either spiritually (meaning the building not the church) or physically. So it just means a lot to me that one of two important places are taken care of.

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