Monday, April 18, 2011

Prayer request?

You know you look bad when your pastor comes up to you @ alter call and says, "You look so tired, I'm onna pray for you." Lol.
Love Bro. Booker and grateful he prayed for me cause my boys slept till 9am (Zane of course woke up for his feedings, but that's a given right?), and are currently taking naps.

Now it's off to get some house work done.

That actually looks very comfortable. :)

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Lozano Family said...

Aaaawww, I remember those days!
When Aria was still small and I had just gone back to work I overheard one of the nurses saying that she had worked a very long week where she had days over 12 hours long. And then she said that she had gone home and slept for a full twelve hours one night. I remember feeling very envious. Crazy! You know it's bad when you envy someone who has worked from sun up to sun down all week but got to go home and actually SLEEP! My prayers are with you that little Zane learns to be an awesome night sleeper, and quick :)