Sunday, May 29, 2011

Almost 12 weeks ago I was in bed curled up in a ball (well as much of a ball as you can @ nine months) screaming my guts out because this little pumpkin was ready to see the light of day. Seriously, I don't care what anyone says or thinks, labor with Zane HURT. With a capital "huh". I have never in all of my born days felt pain like that. Not even half that bad, and I have broken my elbow, walked high heels with a broken toe, for that matter I have worn super high heels for hours upon hours x's three days (hello, west coast conference). BUT this is not a post to relive those horrible memories, today I just really wanted to post the above photo of my fattest one. He is still a good little guy and he and Wyatt are getting along nicely.
Speaking of Wyatt, he has suddenly become a real boy. Gone are his days of babyhood (despite the pacifier). He is talking so much more. Last week everything was "hot". All day that's all I heard was, "that's hot, that's hot!, that's hot??". Now all he says is, "I'm scared" and even though it is annoying, he honestly has himself convinced at that moment that he is scared. Oh, and of course he says, "Aye" whenever he drops something or life is just not going right. Gotta make his mama proud like that. lol.
Yup, these kiddos are gettin' bigger by the second. Pretty soon they will both be in school and I will start taking afternoon naps again. :)

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