Sunday, May 1, 2011

Call me Tacky...

BUT, would anyone like to buy my massage envy gift card? Caleb gave it to me a while ago, and honestly I am just not the massage getting type. I would rather have the cash, but since you cant return gift cards I still have the card. It is worth $100. (man, I feel so tacky right now) I don't know if there is anyone out there that goes to massage envy regularly and maybe you would like to trade my card for cash. Or maybe someone wants to buy it as a gift for MOTHER's DAY, (you know, for your wife, mother of your beautiful children (child?)) Whatever the reason, I would love to get this off my hands as I have had a lot of guilt over not using it. Like I said, I am just not the massage gettin' type. So let me know...please don't let my tackiness be in vain.



p.s. you can email me if you want to keep your purchase a secret.

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