Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting old

Listen guys,
I'm. Getting. Old.
UGGGHHH, I can't believe it. I am the old people @ church.
Well according to the young people.

Ok, most who have known me a long time know I love to dress like an old lady. I like cardigans and straight skirts. I like dressy suits and tailored clothing. BUT I have not worn any of my nice clothes for like three years (because, well, I'm fat). The other night I wore something a little more trendy I guess you could say. Not flashy, but sorta chic. Anyway, tell me why one of the youth girls just started gushing about how I am starting to dress so cute now. LOL, ahh starting? really. I used to dress cute, I am just old and fat now. haha. SO yeah, that was pretty amusing. I thought, honey I was dressing "cute" before you could even walk. lol.
Anyway. We are all aging around here, and it is very weird to think you cant go back. Time just keeps on moving, and the wrinkles just keep on coming.

* the old lady/cardigan reference was aimed @ Caleb.
Many many years ago Caleb and I were out shopping. I walked over to a rack of sweaters, picked out a few and asked Caleb which one he liked. That is when he lovingly informed me that I dressed like an old lady.


Caroline said...

"I like cardigans and straight skirts. I like dressy suits and tailored clothing." Says she...

Heaven help those of us who STILL love those styles of clothing, but DO NOT consider ourselves old. The styles these days make it difficult to find clothes that cover without wearing "fourteen" different layers. I already HATE to shop for clothes and this just makes it worse. I'm just not the flowy and see thru type. Thus the reason I shop in thrift stores and JCPenneys. I never dreamed tailored clothes would finally die out! I'm still in mourning! LOL

Sarrah, I really enjoy your blog. I can always count on you to make me laugh! Thanks ;-)

Caroline said...
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Kathy McElhaney said...

I have a "dressy suit" that is almost old enough to be in the youth group! I'm sure it's not considered cute or trendy, but I'm just happy I can still fit into it.

Renee said...

And yes, I wear my hair in a bun too!!! It's the only way to cover up the baby is not going to want me to go on any field trips with him "Uh mom, could you stay home this time? Everyone thinks your my grandma!"
Old = YUCK!