Tuesday, July 19, 2011

for the mamas

Here is a link to a fellow blogger. I met her at west coast last year. She is as sweet as can be and it just so happens we are living each others lives. She has two boys, her oldest just turned 2 and her baby was born on the same day as Zane.
While perusing her blog I found this post and I wanted to share it with you. It really inspired me to step back and think about how I can be a better mother and wife, so I hope you enjoy it.

The Lipkin Blog


Dusti Lipkin said...

You are too nice! That is so crazy that our boys have the same birthdate! Is Zane "easier" than Wyatt? Ethan is much easier than Blake was! Having 2 kids is CRAZY! Send me an email! thlipkinlife@gmail.com

Dusti Lipkin said...

oops..thElipkinlife@gmail.com forgot the E