Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm caffinated and rambling

You know, raising children is not at all like I thought it would be. Well, kinda. It's more like, I am not the way I thought I would be.
Let me try to put this in to words.
I dont feel like Caleb and I are parents. I don't feel like we are my mother and father reincarnated. Does that make sense?
Do you remember when you were a child and there was a distinct line of separation between adults and children? For instance, in my family, during Thanksgiving dinner the children sit at a separate table than the adults. Also, I remember the many times we children were sent to another room while the adults discussed well, whatever it was adults discussed in those days (a practice I think needs to make a come back, as too many children are allowed to sit in on adult conversations).
I was raised with the understanding that adults (parents) were different than children (me). So, now that I am a parent, it has occurred to me that I am still that same child. Granted I have matured and no longer cry for my special blanket, but the core of who I am is the same. I feel like Caleb and I are two good friends raising a family together. Not like a "Mother and Father". Does any of this make sense? probably not. It is still kinda scrabbled(scrabbled?) in my brain. Basically, I am still a little surprised that I am invited to sit at the adult table during Thanksgiving, because deep down inside I am still little Sarrah. I just have some people even smaller than I am to take care of.

Click the pic to enlarge. Cover either parent, it's a trip.


Kathy McElhaney said...

I totally get that! My mom was a grandmother at my age and no way am I as old as she was...

Love the pictures. I remember Caleb as a little guy.

Three's Company said...