Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shut cho mouff

I have a tendency to mouth off. Not to everyone, only a close few. Mostly Caleb. My problem is not limited to mouthing off in the sense that I talk back, but I also rant. I rant about lots of things. Sometimes it is a serious issue, sometimes it is a pet peeve. Like the fact that the Queen of England really has no power, but she is called the queen anyway....Or the fact that Disneyland will give you 10% off of an Orlando Disney weekend package and expect people to come flocking to their gates for their one year old's birthday bash....really? because you are only giving them $100 off of a $1,000+ trip.
ANYWAY....this morning I made a major blunder. I was ranting via text and (you guessed it) my text went to the wrong person. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!! I had some explaining to do to that person and I have now caused them to think of me in a different light. A very unflattering florescent light (you know, the kind that shows all your wrinkles and fly away hairs on your head). Granted I wasn't being slanderous. But I was being my mouthy self, which is really bothering me.
In the last couple of weeks I heard that in the Hebrew language there is no word for coincidence, because they did not believe in coincidences. So, with that knowledge in mind I am going to take this texting blunder as a sign from God that I need to start reworking my mouth. I usually try to keep my thoughts to myself and only express them to a select few, but I am thinking maybe that is not the way to go. I should probably start working on keep my thoughts to myself and then keep my mouth shut. Not as easy as it sounds when you are bubbling over with opinions. lol.
Perhaps my rant against the queen will still be acceptable as Caleb gets me going only for entertainment value. (and yes, I know she does have some say in what Parliament does, but from what I have read, in actuality her veto would not stand. ** I did just read that she is the only person in the UK that can authorize the use of nuclear weapons, don't know how true that is though.)


Renee said...

This is funny to me...only cause it happened to you and not me. If only all these opinions would just mind their own business and stay in my head!!!

Anonymous said...

hey sarah KEEP mouthing off at me i see i've learned from you, like you saying are you really going to wear that?? well i look in the mirror and im like NOPE!! B)