Monday, August 22, 2011

It. Is. Finished.

So The Wedding is over. I didn't do much, but it was so exhausting! My brother and sister in the law, Dino and Tiffany, deserve a long vacation.
Next up: Nana's Anniversary Celebration Weekend in Fresno on the first weekend of Sept., then on the weekend of the 24th I have Belinda's Baby shower, Wyatt's 2nd Birthday (can't believe it), an InGroup fundraiser (all the money goes toward providing food n' such for the Christmas party (anyone want to help???)) AND my in-the-laws will be here. That is all in the same two days!!! Don't know how that is going to work, but we will make due.
My goal is make it through September, and then maybe, I will start thinking about My Birthday (29!), West Coast, Thanksgiving (in Fresno), InGroup Christmas Party, and Christmas.

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