Saturday, August 27, 2011

mama said

If you are between the ages of 25-30 you might be familiar with the L.L. Cool J song, "Mama said knock you out". This song, which was released in the early 90's, was made in response to the many critics who believed Cool J's career was going down hill fast. Cool J's grandmother gave the struggling artist this advice, "knock out all the critics", thus the name of the song, Mama Said Knock You Out.
Mama Said Knock You Out, may have helped relaunch Cool J's career, but it also made parenting for all us 25-30 year olds a little harder.
You see, when I talk to Wyatt and he chooses to ignore what he has been told to do, I naturally say, Mama said...(fill in the blank). This sentence can be changed to fit any adult who is trying to instruct Wyatt in the ways of righteousness. Daddy said, Poobah said, Grammer get it.

Today, I told Wyatt to take a bottle cap out of his mouth. He decided to ignore me so Caleb walked over to him, turned on his "Dad Vocie", got to eye level and said, "Mama said take it out". Unfortunately, his tone matched that of Cool J's and we both started laughing knowing that we each just had a snippet of that famous song, Mama Said Knock You Out, run though our minds. Wyatt on the other hand, had no clue why we were laughing and decided it must have been something he did. So, he put the cap back in his mouth.

Thank you Mr. Cool J, I thought your song was cool when I was 13, but now I am not so sure.

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