Friday, August 26, 2011

per your request

I very funny guy gave the suggestion that I should delete my previous post, and because I respect said funny guy, I have deleted it. He was concerned about Americas bad case of suing/arresting everyone in the world for any little thing weather it is morally right or wrong. Thanks for your concern.
I am ok with talking about what I talk about because I know that spanking is not against the law. There is not actual law that states you can not spank your child. There are laws against child abuse. An open handed spank on the diaper is ok. Usin' a hose to git 'er done, is not. But, funny guy is right in the sense that there are so many people with crazy agendas, it is probably best get y'alls opinion and move on.
BTW, thank you to everyone that commented. I have gained some new insight and will definitely have to do an update post on our next step in training my boys up to be good men.

If you are curious as to what the law says, here are the spankin' rules for your state:
The right to Spank

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