Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sub title

So someone once asked be about this blog's subtitle, Standing in an elevator with Caleb, Sarrah, Wyatt & Zane. How did I come up with it? What does it mean?
Well, honestly I didn't "come up with it", it came to me (oohhh spooky)lol. I was sitting here one day and it just came to me.
I thought, 1) this is a place where I talk about the randomest (and often very personal) topics.
2)The title is Four's a Crowd. Think about it, when you are going to get on an elevator and you see three people, you will most likely walk inside without a second thought. But if there are four people, you have to consider weather or not you want to stand that close to those people for a minute or so, because in an elevator, four is definitely a crowd.
So , you the reader are a random person that has made the bold decision to ride the elevator with an overworked man in scrubs, a crazy lady, a chatty toddler, and a chubby smiling baby. In doing so, you are being allowed to ease drop on our lives as we ride on up to the 1209384th floor. Sometimes the things you hear are funny, sad, or just plan weird, but either way you have definitely been entertained for the few minutes you have spent with us.
So there you go. Three's Company became Four's a Crowd, maybe Five's will be a Fiesta??? (that is, if we get a dog or something)lol.

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