Monday, August 15, 2011

What an amazingly awesome weekend ;)

Because my mind is currently fried I am just going to do a bullet point update.

  • This weekend was well worth the drive, if only to eat a delectable Sunday lunch of Cajun seasoned chicken, which was lovingly prepared by the gentle hands of my FIL.

  • Wyatt went Sunday school!!!! It's one thing for him to go to our Sunday school class (which he kinda went to once), but he doesn't know any of the people in Fresno's class. They know him, but he has not clue who they are. Did that matter? nope. He just walked into the classroom and started playing with whatever he could get his hands on. Made me sad. I wanted to sit in the hall in case he realized his mama was not by his side and needed comforted. Sooo sad. I decided I will definitely cry when he goes off to Kindergarten and I will probably wait in the parking lot all day, just in case he needs me.

  • Wyatt also got to ride the Sunday school bus with his poobah (that's his grandpa, the Grand Poobah) and participate in a candy rain. Seriously Fresno, can you stop giving my child the opportunity to grow up. Thank you.

  • Zane did what he always does, laze around and blows spit bubbles. lol. He will be my baby forever.

  • Caleb just informed me he might start working one Saturday a month. I'm not to sure what I think about that just yet. Gotta sleep on it for a while.

  • Last but not least....all these cute babies are gettin' in ma head! But every time they do, I just sit and remind myself how much it hurts to carry around an extra 40 pounds of baby n' such. And if that doesn't work I remember my labor and all the pain that when with it.....and if that doesn't work, I look @ Wyatt and realize he just destroyed the house in 30 seconds flat. That usually does the trick.


Anonymous said...

The FITL thanks you!! :)

Sandi Dillon said...

Hey, Zane did more than blow bubbles -- he won our hearts!!!! All TT came by to comment on how cute he is.

Thanks for coming to fill us with grandparent moments, ahhh.