Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Genghis Con

Oh Wyatt, you are the sunshine of my life, but sometimes you give me a sun burn. : )
Here is a little story about my eldest son. Hope you enjoy it.

**The Mama is sitting in her rocker sipping on a diet Pepsi.
Wyatt (holding a medicine dosing cup): me soda?
The Mama(places soda on the ground beside chair): no, you can't have any of my soda
Wyatt: yes, me soda.
The Mama: No
*Times the above conversation by one million*
Wyatt: Me Soda!!!
The Mama (at eye level): I said no!
Wyatt then drops his head into his hands and begins to create the softest most sorrowful FAKE cry you have ever heard. He walks off with his head down as if he is going to his room. Then I feel a little push on the back of my chair and realize he is trying to sneak around my chair and get to the soda I placed on the ground. I push my chair back so he can not pass between it and the wall. Realizing he is caught, Wyatt pops his head around the side, looks at me with a big cheesy Wyatt grin, and laughs.

How can I not laugh daily with this little clown around.

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