Saturday, September 3, 2011

Major ADD

Hangin' in F-Town (that means Fresno, R-Town would be Rialto) for the weekend. Love that Wyatt has some cousins to play with for a while. Poor kid doesn't get out much so he has had a bit of adjusting to do. It is hard for him to understand that he is not "the king of all the land" everywhere he goes. He is doing ok though. We are fixin' (that's Fresno talk) to go to the park here purddy soon. Hopefully I will remember to take some pics, but probably not.  :)

**A LOT! of Caleb's cousins have this country type accent going on when they talk. I don't know why, I guess Fresno brings out the country in people. Anyway, if I don't watch it I find myself pronouncing my words differently when I am here. Kinda strange. I guess I subconsciously drop the ghetto talk and try to be a little more persnickety.
Yup lots of random thoughts today.
Here's one more. My MITL caught me doing an Irish river dance in the hallway. I told her I needed more cowbell. (SNL)

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Kathy McElhaney said...

The F-town accent is because so many of the "elders" came from Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.