Monday, September 19, 2011

a spy among us

Last night Caleb and I were up till the wee hours of the morning discussing Wyatt's birthday present. We don't mind buying high dollar items used (craigslist) because we understand 1) Wyatt is too young to tell the difference and 2) it will eventually be destroyed. So, we were up searching the internet and price matching this and that, when we heard the pitter patter of little feet coming towards our bedroom. The spy stopped at the door and knew better than to enter (he would have been marched back to his room). Caleb and I ignored him and continued our quest for the awesomest present ever. Soon enough the spy wondered back to his bed, so we thought (<= that's some foreshadowing right there). About an hour later Caleb asked me to make sure Wyatt had gone to bed and wasn't just hiding out in another area of the house. Like the good subservient wife that I am, I got up out of my comfy office chair and this is what I found at our door...

He fell asleep on the job. He is definitely fired.

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