Friday, September 16, 2011

We Die!

There is a freeway on ramp near our house that is basically a pretty tight full circle turn that drops you off right into freeway traffic. Because of this you have to take the turn at a descent speed in order to keep from getting run over once you are actually on the freeway.
I like to joke with Caleb as he takes this turn. I usually throw my hands up in the air (think roller coaster) and yell, "ahhhh we're gonna die!!!", (as the G force slams me into the car door). Honestly, doing that NEVER gets old. In fact, as soon as Wyatt could talk I began working on this little saying. I don't mind telling you that the first time I heard a tiny voice in the back seat say "ahhh we ddiiiiiiieeeeeee", as we drove onto the freeway, I was mighty proud. 
Today, we all took a family trip to Target and as luck would have it the on ramp to the freeway home was a corkscrew turn. Caleb took it a little faster than he should have and as he drove we heard a scared little boy in the back murmuring, "we die, we die" as he held on to his seat straps for dear life. It was so funny when we realized the poor kid really meant what he was saying. He was scared he was going to fall out of his chair and finally learn what I have been trying to tell him for all of two years; As long as his dad is driving there is a 50% chance we might die. : ) 

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