Friday, September 9, 2011


Caleb finally took our desktop computer to Phillip, so no more virus for us. YAY! I get to use a real keyboard again. We were also told to stop using internet explorer and to start using google chrome. I guess there are not as many viruses written for Chrome as there are for explorer. So, you are not as likely to get a virus if there are not as many to be got. Got it?
In other rambles. The boys photo shoot is going to be outdoors after all. It's a long story, but basically outdoors was just the easier choice. So yeah.
I guess that's it for now, I'm really just hiding out in my bedroom until Caleb is done doing the dishes. That's right, he does dishes.
**I have made a few changes on my page. One of the biggest is I have limited the amount of blogs that show up on my blog roll. From now on the side bar will show the 10 most recently updated blogs. All of the other blogs are still there, you will just have to click the "show all" button to see them.

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