Monday, October 31, 2011


A few things.
First, After reading a post from Classic Mary Moments on consistency I think I am going to try to commit to blogging on a certain day regularly and anything above that would just be a bonus (sounds so conceited). It's a toss up between Mondays and Thursdays. I'm gonna have to think about it.
Secondly, Let's talk about life. Life is always crazy so that is not really news. It's all about what is making life crazy. Harvest Fest is tonight. Caleb and I are doing the Bible Study booth.....(i'll come back to this)
< interjection > OK, so Caleb is a great Bible study teacher. I think it's because he likes to talk sooooo much. He can really break down a subject and make it very understandable for his student. He is also genuinely  interested in seeing that person saved (that always helps). Right now he is teaching a Bible study to an older man named Luis. Luis and his wife have a few health problems and they both came to service on Sunday. The wife (whose name I missed) is going into surgery this week and she is super scared that she is not going to make it. So if anyone reads this please say a little prayer for Luis' wife, that God would not only help her through this surgery, but that He would heal her body. These are great sweet people and Caleb is doing his best to win them to God.
Harvest, we are running the Bible study booth. It is always fun to run this booth because we really get a chance to chitchat with the people of our city. People who stop to talk at our booth are usually people who are interested in the church or the Bible. So, it is cool that we get to represent the more informative side of harvest fest (does that make sense?).
WCC: No one is packed. I have an idea of what everyone is going to wear, but none of it is offically put aside. That is all going to be done tomorrow. Today I have to clean the house from top to bottom (hate comeing home to a dirty house) and get a few things ready for tinight.

So that's it so far.
OHHH wait!! so excited...... We are going to most likely do an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER theme for the ingroup Christmas party. I think this could be lots of fun. What do you think? We were going to give a prize for the ugliest sweater (bought or created). Also, probably not going to do the white elephant gift exchange (every other year?) just because we want to give people a chance to collect some good junk.

EDIT***Caleb says we are doing a white elephant gift look around your house for a nice piece of junk you would like to give to someone else. 

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