Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wyatt knows how to email

ok ok. so West Coast just got a little better. Why? because Wyatt can go to children's church (nursery) in the evenings! Praise the Lord! I remember last year Caleb and I were already day dreaming about going to service while Wyatt was upstairs playing.
In other news, Zane is not crawling, but he can scoot like nobodie's business. He has also found his voice. He loves to scream, growl and babble. Zane is also eating more table food than I would like, but Caleb says I have to let him grow up someday. It's not that I am trying to keep him as a baby forever, I am just enjoying each stage as long as possible. Wyatt was born at a very hard time in my life and then I became pregnant with Zane so soon that I had to push Wyatt toward his independence. Granted, I didn't need to push too hard as he was always a "grown up" baby. He didn't really play with toys and was ready to walk when he should have been crawling. None the less, I didn't not get to dote over him like I would have had life been different at that time. SO, all that being said, can you blame me if I don't shove a steak down my 8 month old's throat? I think not.

So yeah, Lots of stuff coming up for November. We have family day this Sunday, harvest on Monday, packing on Tuesday, driving to Fresno on Wednesday, WCC Wednesday-Friday, driving home sat (stopping in Bakersfield for a wedding reception) ....you get the idea.

Ps: apparently Wyatt got into Caleb's email and sent out a few random emails. So if you get gibberish from crzydill, it was Wyatt sending his love.

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