Friday, November 18, 2011

2 cents

OK, so I don't usually like to get all insightful  'n stuff (see, I can't even type seriously. lol) on my blog. I like to reserve this space as an outage for all of the random silliness in my head. So, please just humor me for a minute as I share a more emotional side of my mind.

The following statements are statements I live by and believe with everything in me.They have slowly but surely made their way down from my head into my heart.
No one is born on accident.
I believe God has created and does create each individual 1) on purpose and 2) with a purpose. Being an adopted child I learned early on that God loves me. To think He took me out of what would have been a guaranteed life of sin, and place me in the arms of a Mother who loved and served Him. I was allowed to bypass trudging through the muck and mire and given a free pass to the Truth. It is an amazing feeling to know that when I was created God had an ideal plan for my life. I believe with all my heart that this extends to everyone in the world. God creates each one of us with love, and with a distinct purpose. We are given certain personalities that, when allowed to be shaped and molded by the Holy Ghost, can be used to benefit the Kingdom. No one is an "accident" in the eyes of God, because He is the giver of life.

God is in Control - this statement can be applied in two ways
1)God is in control. Nothing happens without God's permission. God is the ultimate power. He is where the buck stops, basically, He's the boss. I caught this understanding one service when I heard this statement (if I may interpolate) " If you are battling a daemon, rebuke it in the name of Jesus, that daemon has no power of it's own. God is ALL powerful. That daemon is only there because God allowed it to be there." (think about the story of Job). Is that an eye opener of what? God is All powerful. Any "power" that may be exhibited by another is only there because God allowed it to be. That means God can shut it down just as quick as he allowed it to exist. (I hope this is coming across well). All I know, is something clicked in my spirit when I heard that. God is All Powerful. He is literally in control of everything and nothing in the whole world happens without God first knowing it will happen.
2) God is in control. This is the statement we hear all the time. Don't worry about it, God is in control. But here  recently I think I am really beginning to understand it. God is in control of my life because I am trying daily to give him control of it. Who better to guide me then the one whole created me with an ideal purpose in mind? Who better to seek advice from when I don't know how to respond to life, then the one who wants nothing but the very best for me? When life gets crazy, God is in control. He will make sure it all works out OK in the end. I am old enough now that I can look back over my life and see the valleys and the mountain tops. Experience is teaching me not take every bad situation as the end of my happiness because God is in control. He knows what the end result will be, and as long as I do my part the ultimate and ideal end will be a place in heaven.

Don't you feel a little better now then you did two minutes ago? I know I do :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sarrah,
The other day I was going to comment on the post about the "angel". You have such a way about your stories that makes me laugh and makes my day. But today I want to thank you for reminding us all that God is in control. The sentence that begins with "experience" and ends with "control"......well I have read it over and over...........I don't ever want to forget that GOD IS ALL POWERFUL!!! And he really is in control.
Thank you Sarrah,
Your friend from Fresno,