Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Johnny Angel

So, yesterday we took the whole family for a late night shopping trip to Costco. Wooo! I love shopping at Costco right before they close. All the aisles are free of crowds and the only children I hear screaming are my own. The only downside is there are no sample ladies(guys) out at that time. Which is too bad, because I would think most of the impulse shopping would be done when you are tired and your mind is weak (Black Friday anyone?).
 Anywho, as we pulled into the parking lot A random guy told us our tire was looking really low (optimist). I got out, looked at it and told Caleb, Yea it's flat (not an optimist). So because we were at Costco, Caleb took the van to the tire center. The only problem is, Costco only fixes their own tires, which these were not. Thankfully, the employee must have felt Caleb's pain and fixed it  on the down low. All we had to pay was a $4 service charge. Awesome, right?
In other Costco news, I think the random guy was kinda following us around (IDK maybe he was our guardian angel, who helps us to save a ton of money). He showed up to chat with us as we ate at the Costco food court. It was kinda funny in that, we were just finishing our meal when he shows up with a whole pizza for just him and his 4ish year old son. He sits down at our table and asks if we wanted to share. He was so nice and helpful, but we gracefully declined. As we walked away, I asked Caleb what he thinks the guy would have done if we took him up on his offer and just chowed down on his pizza lol.
So that's twice we talked with him, THEN as we were leaving I saw him again. This time I was with the kids trying to load our van while Caleb paid the tire guy. We were parked way off in a dark corner of the parking lot and I was feeling a little nervous. A couple of kids (10ish) came up to me to ask if I wanted to buy some candy. Here  is how the rest of the story worked out:
Me: ahh I don't have any money
K: *antsy and looking around* oh well I have change, it's just 2 dollars.
M: *digging in my diaper bad*
K: *begins running in place* you don't got nothing? not even a dollar? well, never mind
M: You are not supposed to be selling candy here are you?
K: No, that guy keeps kicking us out, I got to go.
I look behind my car and a chubby little security guy is waddling his way over, yelling at the kids that he is calling the police. LOL, the kids then decide to "jump" the four foot fence in front of my car into the next parking lot. The only problem is, these kids can't jump a fence to save their life. One of them has to go to the next lower section and the one I was talking to dropped his whole box of candy on the Costco side. So now these kids are on one side of the fence yelling the the security guard that they own this place, while the guard is still slowly but surely waddling over, yelling that he is calling the police. Eventually the kid, who now thinks he is my friend, is yelling at me to get his box of candy and give it to him lol. I just laughed. When the guard finally makes it to my car, HE picks up the box and walks away with it, still telling the kids he is calling the police. My new "friend" is again yelling at me to help, exclaiming that the security guard just stole his candy. Again, I just laughed. Eventually, both kids jump back over the fence, chase down the guard and plead with him for their candy back. All the while, he is shaking his phone at them telling them he is calling the police lol.
 While all of this was going on, random guy had somehow found us again and was parked next to me with his headlights shining on the kids. I was glad he was there (as I was all alone), but at the same time I was kinda weirded out that we had now come into contact with him three separate times. Like I said, maybe he was our Costco Guardian Angel for the night :)

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