Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a little ramble.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and as usual I have yet to pack.
At this exact minute Wyatt and Zane are in their room "playing". Wyatt is tearing down all of the books we just put away and Zane is chewing on them. Gotta love my little guys. Occasionally I will hear Wyatt sing "O, Brother, Brother Bear" to Zane, and as long as that happens and Zane giggles I know everything is going well in there. It's when all gets quiet that I worry and rush to the door. I'm not worried that Zane is choking or anything like that, I am more worried about what they are destroying. Once I found Wyatt quietly tearing apart one of his pop up books, with Zane right beside him eating the scraps. They are a good team that way. Wyatt does all the work and Zane just watches intently (possibly learning from the master?).
Tomorrow evening we are leaving for Fresno. I think we are staying till Sunday, I'm not completely sure. I'm also not real sure as to what all we are doing while we are there. I have heard Game night, Shooting range, a long drive to the Wild Cat Reserve, Christmas pictures, going to see a play and of course eating like we are dying. Sounds like it's going to be another busy holiday weekend.

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Dusti said...

I have that exact scenario too! Almost everyday, it's funny that all you have to do is replace all the books and they NEVER get tired of tearing them all down and eating them and whatnot. I love reading your blog! You always post the things that I can say in my head but when I sit down to type I just can't get out! LOL! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!