Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mexican is a state of mind

Ok so I have to share this story real quick.
Caleb called me this morning and said,
C: I forget that I am not Mexican. (he is with my family quiet often and obviously the majority of us look and are Mexican)
S: lol, what?
C: Well I had to go to the scheduler's office this morning and there are mostly Mexican women who work there. Anyway, they have their own microwave in the office and on top of the microwave the have a big bottle of Tapatio (My family's fav.). So I say, Man, you know there are a Mexicans working here (referring to the bottle). Then I remembered that I am not Mexican. lol

Is that funny or what?!? Caleb thought he was among "his people" when all they saw was a racist six foot tall white guy stereo typing the whole office just because they have a bottle of Tapatio on the microwave...but it gets better. Caleb said he tried to play it off by telling them my family loves the stuff and then starting telling them about some valentina (another hot sauce brand) popcorn we found. He said it was still awkward, but he thinks they just know he is a dork who sticks his foot in his mouth. As a peace offering he went to BigLots on his break and bought a case of said popcorn to share Ha Ha. I can see it now, "Sorry I offended you, but here is some hot sauce popcorn....lol, you Mexicans like this stuff right. lol "
I'm just thinking, if Caleb is having that problem, what are my boys going to do. They both look very non- Hispanic but are being raised with my family, so they will probably relate to Mexican people more. LOL, I guess they will just have to learn the hard way that you got to read the room before you bust out the jokes. :)

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Lozano Family said...

Ha ha! I can relate! One day at work I was cleaning with bleach, a common practice at a blood bank, and one of my (Mexican) co-workers, who suffers from many ailments, cough, cough, complained that he couldn't breathe because he is asthmatic, and the bleach was irritating him. Without missing a beat I looked at him and said - Oh poor Mijo, I'm sorry!