Monday, March 26, 2012


So, Caleb and I took the boys to the zoo last Friday. Being that it was a Friday there were tons of O.C. (orange county) moms having play dates.
One mom in particular had a rather bossy and overly tired son who she refused to take home for whatever reason. Be all that as it may, this little boy was being really bratty with Wyatt. Like the good mom that I am, I tried my best to stay out of it, up until the boy had Wyatt's foot caught on a lion sculpture and was trying to push him down without regard to the fact that he was setting Wyatt up to land right on his head. So I calimly walked over to the boys (with just one clap of my hands, saying" hey, hey"lol), removed my son from the situation and talked to the grumpy kid for like a second about why he shouldn't just push kids off of the lion and then walked away. Of course, NOW, the mom (who was watching all of this this WHOLE time) walks over to her son and checks out whats going on. As she is walking away, she says "behave Culgin". ( Culgine ?? Colgin??. like Colgate) Anyway, Caleb laughs, and says the "brother's name is Corin ( Like Corn, but overly enunciated, or maybe it was Corn and she had a coutry accent?). They are very O.C." . To which I replied " please Caleb, you have a son named Zane. He would fit right in with Corin and Colgine." lol.

Although if I had my way, Zane might have been named Corbin. So I guess I don't have too much room to talk either lol.

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