Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warning: I'm rambling

"Will you love Jesus more, when we go our separate ways"

This song has really been on my heart and in my mind for the last couple of days. At first I thought, Oh inspiration! Of course I want the people I meet to love Jesus more. But then I got to thinking about all of the people I have come across in life.  That is when the lyrics really hit home. Have my past interactions with others caused them to love Jesus more? or have I been to harsh and heavy handed? Has my behaviour been full of mercy or only judgement? Did I cause some to never want to come back to Jesus because maybe I was unjust in my opinions?
I guess the question that is in my heart is, Will you still love Jesus when we go our separate ways?
God help me, if my brothers or sisters stumble, not to be the one that passes them by with a snide look and a proud heart.

I thank God for these few gray hairs on my head, because they are a sign of age. A sign that says, 'hey, I have been around for a little bit, and I might not know a whole lot, but I do have some experience with life'. I am grateful for the wisdom that comes not only with age, but with experience. I have begun to learn that life can be a little tricky sometimes. Instead of jumping to conclusions and running around trying to fix what you think is broken, it's best to stand back and understand the whole situation. I guess all this rambling is just to say: People are on my heart tonight. Both those that I have known and those I see only in passing. My heart is so heavy it hurts (I know you have felt that before), there are too many people that need love and know where to go, but refuse to come. Why do they refuse the one thing that they know is the right thing? Why do they not make their way back to the Lord? Instead, they fill that emptiness with troubled relationships, short lived good times, and friends that are only around as long as the laughs are still heard.
It all comes back to my original quote: "Will you love Jesus more, when we go our separate ways?"
When you fell, did I try to help you up? or did I listen to your story long enough to retell it to my friends?
I hope it was the first, I hope I did and will do all I can to help you and strengthen you on your journey to heaven. Because honestly, I am tired of losing people. I am tired of loved ones (family or not) slipping through the cracks.
I pray you will still love Jesus, when we go our separate ways.

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