Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wyatt is Spiritual

  • So yesterday little Zane was minding his own business when Wyatt walks up to him, puts both hands on his head and yells, " HOT DOG! HOT DOG! HOT DIGGGGYYY DOG!!!!". Wyatt then turned to me and proudly announced that he prayed for his brother. lol
  • Last night while in the restroom, Wyatt was worshipping the Lord like this:  " I love you Jesus, ohh I love you Jesus. No! No! No! I love you Jesus" . I am pretty sure he was imitating Brother Booker, except that Bro. Booker says,Oh Oh Oh, instead of No No No. Besides that, Wyatt was so earnest in his little prayer I told Caleb he is going to end up getting the Holy Ghost while sitting in the restroom. haha
My kids are crazy that much is true. Zane has finally joined in on Wyatt's act. I love that they are such good buddies. The do everything together. Play, read, destroy the house. It's always a team effort. Zane is walking and even trying to run (especially if he thinks he can get to the front door before I close it). He loves to play peek a boo and chase. Zane is definitely my little clown. The world is his stage and he is on a mission to get a smile out of me every time I try to scold him for something. It's too bad that my weakness is laughing. Not sure how that is going to work out when he is a teenager. :)

Wyatt is a little smarty pants. He is learning a few sight words, knows his ABC's, numbers up to 10 and most basic shapes. I am trying to get some Pre-K material together so I can begin teaching him in a structured environment.
I think the best thing about Wyatt's progress is that he is trying to read. It is so sweet to have him sit and "read" a book to me. That is defiantly a proud parent moment. :)

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The Lipkin Life said...

That is so funny about Wyatt praying!!! I should just post a link to your blog as post, our boys are so much alike! :)