Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flowers for sale

Should the Lord wait a while and I get to grow older and maybe even go back to work, I would love love love to work at a flower shop. I have looked up going to floral school, but my goodness it is super expensive. I am hoping one day I will get lucky and some old genius flower lady will hire me and train me as her young padawan. I don't necessarily want to own a shop, I just want to do the fun creative stuff.

That's right fresh flower corsages will be available for pre order starting next Wednesday. If you are buying one for your mom or expect one from your husband, why not order from us and help support Bible Quizzing. I have not nailed down a price yet (I will update this when I do), but I am thinking $15-$20. I am working with someone else, so we just have to come to an agreement on what a reasonable and affordable price is.
Hope all of the ILC ladies take advantage of this offer. My prices will def be lower than that of the local florist :)

In other flower news, lookie what I made this morning!!! loves it :)
Made this wrist corsage for my nephew's girlfriend (I didn't take a pic of his bout). The ribbon colors are black and navy blue. Accented with diamond studs and a little jeweled heart in the center. :)

(see all of the :) 's, flowers make me happy :))

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