Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starbucks Generation

Wyatt's first Frapp :D
Ok, so I always told myself that even though I enjoy a nice Caramel Frappuchino from SB every now and again (used to be everyday, but they are like $4 now) my children would not be addicts, nor would they have their very own special order. 
Well, the other night I had Wyatt out late night shopping with me (past 10pm). We went to Target and then a 24 hour Walmart. Being out so late gave me the perfect excuse to indulge in an over priced coffee drink. The problem is I don't like to share (give me a break I grew up with sharing with 5 siblings). So, I made the decision to buy Wyatt his very first decaf frapp. He loved it! He downed that thing in under 5 minutes. Since then he has had a total of three frapps to himself. I am still not sure how I feel about my TWO year old expecting anything beyond milk from Starbucks, but honestly we all knew this day would eventually come. 
The sad part of all if this is I did feel like it was a rite of passage between us. Like I was showing him this amazing thing that life has to offer. A little mommy & son bonding moment. I even went as far as to take a picture. :) 
All that being said, Wyatt and I have been enjoying "coffee" in the mornings for sometime now. He has his special coffee up filled with juice or tea, and I have the real stuff. It is a sweet time for us and he feels like a big boy. I guess if I get him in the habit of having coffee with his mama now, he will be more likely stop by for a cup when he is all grown and out of the house.

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What a cute picture! Great post! :)