Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm starving! It seems like as soon as I finish eating anything my tummy starts gurgling like crazy. Gotta love the first trimester. Morning sickness, food aversions, fatigue, this baby is pulling out all the stops. As of the last few days I am down to drinking ice cold lemon water (I don't know why, but it is sooo good lol) and eating crackers.
Now, am sure everyone has noticed by that I tend to gain A TON of weight (I'm talkin' 40+ pounds) when I am pregnant. So I am not necessarily upset at my inability to munch on lots of unhealthy snacks. Although, I am sure I will make up for it during the holiday months :) I think if I could rid myself of one symptom it would be fatigue. I feel bad for my boys. All mama wants to do is sit on the couch or lay on the couch. That's it. Occasionally I will get a random spurt of energy, but all that means is they have to go and clean their room. Caleb has been helping out around the house: doing dishes, laundry, grocery shopping; which also makes me feel bad. He consoles me by saying, "You always have a hard time in the beginning, but by the end you will be re-roofing the house, so it all kinda balances out." (LOL, Oh Caleb you have such a way with words) Hopefully all of this funny business should end in a few weeks. :)
On Monday we are finally going to see our little nubby baby. I am so super excited. The first ultrasound is always so emotional. I am completely sure I will tear up a little. We will also be given our official due date. So far with the boys the doctors have always moved my due date up a week because they tell me my babies measure a week earlier than what my dates say. So I am expecting that, although I have figured Jan 19th, the doctor will push me up to Jan 12th. Either way Monday is going to be a good day :)

*Can't wait to see my little Nubs!!!

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Marc Adrian Smith said...

Referring to your baby as "Nubs" reminds of one of my Dad's cousins whose nickname was "Nubbin". Of course now you'll have 2 Things and a Nub. I am excited for you and Caleb.