Thursday, July 5, 2012

I need more closets!

Bed update:
Wyatt loves his new bed. He says it's his favorite new bed lol. Zane kinda doesn't have an opinion either way. Although he is already trying to climb the ladder, so we will see how that is going to work out in a couple of months.
As far as the rest of life, it's just moving on. We have another baby appointment next Friday. Hopefully we will get an ultrasound picture this time. During our last appointment the baby wasn't showing up very clearly so the Dr. didn't print out a photo for us. Although we did get to hear the heart beat, that's always a very cool moment.
I think a big part of me is still kinda not wanting to acknowledge that we have another baby on the way. Not because I'm upset about it, but more likely because we are crazy to have three babies in three-ish years! When our latest addition is born I will have a newborn, a (almost)two year old and a three year old. That is a lot of pitter pattering little feet. To be honest it just sends my mind into overdrive. For those that don't know, we rent a two bedroom one bathroom house that is about 800 sq ft. I really don't want to just up and move because that really does not seem like the best decision. I know we can make this house work for a while, but when I start thinking about closet space I have to stop, take a breath and change the subject. So it is going to be interesting to see how all this works out, but until then I am just going to continue to search over all of  Pinterst for some really great home organization ideas.  

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