Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tummy, Pelvis, Legs, Feet

Head, Hands, Tummy

Face, Hand (waving @ Daddy), Tummy
Well, we never got the nubs photo. So now we have a real baby in there. Complete with ten fingers and ten toes (the Dr. counted them, so cute). My due date has changed every time I go to the doctor's office. For now we are going to go with Jan 28th, although the baby's measurements said Jan. 25th. That puts me at almost 13 weeks.
During our ultrasound we got to see the baby kicking and moving quite a bit. Caleb got all excited and said the baby waved at him (he was dead serious too). After our appointment Daddy was as wound up as a little boy going to Disneyland. I was honestly surprised at how excited he was. He is leaning towards the idea that we are having another boy, while I am trying to stay neutral. We should be able to found out what kind of Dillon I am carrying at the end of August. Until then, Poobah is praying hard for a boy, while we all know Grammer is fasting for a girl lol :)


The Lipkin Life said...

Aw!!! Thanks for sharing the pics! I'm so happy for you! I hope you have a girl! I want a little girl, I think it will balance my little family out a bit =)

Mary Frances said...

OMW!!! Your prego again!! CONGRATS SISTa!!!! :)