Friday, July 27, 2012


Wyatt has been "reading" a lot lately. It is so sweet to hear him read books that we have read to him time and time again. He also likes to make up his own stories according to what he sees in the picture. The other day Wyatt and Zane were sitting in the kitchen and Wyatt was reading a book to Zane. It was a cookie baking book and this is how the story went:
"Chapter One, By Dr. Seuss. In the beginning God created (pause) Manamina!"
I'm not sure where any of that fit in a cookie baking book, but that was story he told Zane over and over again.
I love the stage Wyatt is in right now. His imagination is limitless and often leaves Caleb and I shaking our heads in bewilderment. As my Mom would say, He comes up with some good ones.

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