Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So we started out taking a ton of pics. That lasted about an hour. It was pretty hot and humid the day we went so most of the day was spent with a drink of some sort in hand. The boys had a great time and were very well behaved. There were not too many people there that day, which made for really short lines. Most of the rides we went on were a 20 minute or less wait.
Up @6

Our first ride of the day, It's a small world

Nemo's submarine ride

Waiting for Daddy and Wyatt on Autopia

Minnie Mouse!

Mad Hatter's tea party

Getting a little woozie 

Ok, this lady was totally eating CORN CHIPS right behind me. Ugh, it smelled so bad .  (There's one in every theme park) 

We went on:
It's a Small world, Nemos submarine, Autopia, Dumbo, Roger Rabbit, GoGo Gadget, 2 Play houses, Pinocchio, Tea Cups, Water play area, Flicks flyers, Ladybug ride, Bumper cars, Disney train, Winnie the pooh, Pirates, Buzz Lightyear, Carousel, I think that is it. We also had a two hour nap in the car, Ate lunch at  the Plaza Inn, and watched the firework show.

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