Friday, September 28, 2012

New Blog Title

Aww, I love our new blog title.
We have gone from Caleb&Sarrah to Three's Company to Four's a crowd and our final stop is Five's a Family.

It is a really great feeling to know our family is complete (aka We are done). No more, no less ;) I am already itching to get rid of soo much unused clothing. I need to go through all the clothes I have saved from the boys and also my pre maternity clothing. Hopefully I don't gain too much weight with this baby and I can ditch the maternity clothes sooner than later. I just feel like we have a bunch of stuff stored up and after a while it just starts really bothering me. I feel a major purging in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

Oh sarrah i cannot wait for this little dillion girl...if she is anything like her mother she will be fine! :) -Kiki

The Lipkin Life said...

Aw! I like it! :) Goodness, sounds like your nesting already! Lol!

Sarrah D. said...

@Dusti, that's what I thought. It felt the same lol. I got a little worried, but today I lost all my motivation so I guess everything is fine.

@ KiKi, Aww, little Kiki Jr.